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Rollei 35 Professional Flash brackets

An incredible story from an early a Rollei 35 owner,

In 1973 I heard this story from a teacher at the Dutch School for Photography in Apeldoorn - the Netherlands. Mr. Jaques Engel was a vibrant person and he shared a rather incredible experience: He once was invited to a Royal party at a nearby palace , the summer recidence of the former Queen and now recidence of one of the Princesses. He was asked to make some photos, unfortunately his usual Rolleiflex SL66 was in repair, all that was left was his Rollei35. Left with no choice ( the palace was a good customer ) he took off with his tiny Rollei35 and his large Metz 400 flash set, ( imagine the camera could almost fit inside the flash head... Arrived at the palace he felt greatly embarrased but behaved as if it was normal. No one noticed, not during and certainly, as you would have expected . . . , also not when they got the images!

Which compares to my own photo professional experiences, in those days and many years to come a photographer was 'God'. What he found necessary to make a good photo was law... no questions asked!

Possibly Rollei picked up that good story, they also sponsored the Dutch School for Photography.

Below you will find some very professional flash accesoiries for the Rollei35 series.

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The Rollei 35 cameras can be mounted on a Rollei professional flash such as model E60, E66, E34C & E36RE by means of a special adapter bracket order # 901030, in production from 1967-1979.

The bracket is fastened into the tripod adapter of the camera, and a special adapter converts the hot shoe into a cable outlet for connection to the flash.

The unit may look big, but actually it is very easy and comfortable to use. The flash serves as a hand grip.

The set comes with a quick release mount for Rollei flash lights like the E66 and E36RE mounted, a fastener screw to secure the adapter into the tripod mount, and a hot shoe to cable converter. # 301030, 1967-1979.

Click picture at left and below for larger versions.

Hot shoe to cable converter. Was also available as a separate item, # 301060 (1976-1981).
Hot shoe to cable converter inserted into hot shoe.
Bracket mounted on camera.
Rollei 35 straight flash bracket for smaller flash units, # 301220, 1966-1981. The unit used a flash sync adapter which was mounted into the hot shoe, and the bracket attached to the camera over that adapter. The flash light was inserted into the external shoe, and connected with a sync cable.