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The Rollei 35 Accessories

The little Rollei 35 had an amazing number of accessories available.

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In the 1960's making a photo was still surrounded with quite some technical knowledge. One had to understand shutterspeed/aperture combinations. Sensitivity of a film had to be set in ASA ( American Standard Association ) or DIN ( Deutsche Industrie Norm ) , ISO ( International Standard Organization ) values were not known. Colour film was still a second choice behind black and white film, which was available in a whole range of sensitivities and characteristics by many brand names. Thus the owner of a Rollei 35 could personalize the camera outfit to suit the use. The camera on it's own performed very well , but addition of say a lens hood or lens filter added in final quality. Therefore it is not surprising that Rollei offered a fast range of accessories:

Camera cases , or if you like pouches > > >

Electronic flash strobes > > >

Flash brackets to turn the camera in a miniature professional > > >

Hoods and Filters > > >