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The Original Edition - Made in Germany
with Carl Zeiss Tessar 3,5 / 40mm

This is the original Rollei 35
Made in Germany with CARL ZEISS super sharp famous TESSAR 3,5/40mm coated lens. 

Camera weight is 370 grams. Size 97x32x60mm.

Camera came in silver ( chrome ) Picture A - and black versions Picture B-.

This camera was made in Germany from 1966 until the end of 1971. Thereafter, the cameras were made in Singapore.

Serial Numbers of German made cameras run from 3.000.201 up to about 3.311.000. 

The very first 8000 of these cameras only are engraved: Made in Germany by Rollei Compur Gossen Zeiss. Pictures C, D, E - Thereafter, they are engraved: Made in Germany by Rollei. This camera has no serial number under transport lever - this camera was fitted with a new top cover.

Picture F: The very first Rollei 35 made in Germany had a metal rewind crack base and a smaller version of the lock for the back. These were made from 1966 to March 1968.

Picture G: compare the bottom plate of earliest version and later.

Picture H: Rare back plate bearing the inscription "Made in Germany by Rollei - Compur - Gossen -Zeiss", reportedly less than 8000 (Prochnow, Rollei Report) but we have seen most early Rollei 35 with regular back without Compur - Gossen - Zeiss, so the actual number is far less than 8,000 pieces.

Featuring the renowned Carl Zeiss Tessar 3,5/40mm coated lens for incredibly sharp and contrast rich pictures! 

Picture H, J : Camera came with original real leather Rollei soft case. Also included were a lens cap , a wrist strap and a manual. Edition with the sky-blue cover.

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