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The Current Rollei 35 Classic.

What do I hear you say:
" There is no Current model ! The last one left the factory years ago..."

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In December 2006 I visited the Franke Heidecke factory, there I was told and shown a great secret: Franke Heidecke is currently producing 100 new Rollei 35 Classic cameras. Made from the last parts in stock. Fully hand made by the only man who still masters the assembly. The camera will be technically identical as the last Rollei35 Classic. But the exterior is still a secret, Gold , Silver , Platinum , Blue , Green, or ... ?

Your webmaster suggested to make a special RolleiClub edition. In the RolleiClub colours: Gold, with Burgundy lacquer and cream leather covering. With a special edition serial number. With a personalized and numbered certificate signed by the camera maker. Presented in a beautiful handmade Australian hardwood box.

My suggestion is currently taken into very serious consideration by the Franke Heidecke management.

To give you an idea of this sensational suggestion I made a Virtual RolleiClub Edition of the Rollei35 Classic:

But I am trying to do more, off course Franke Heidecke would like to know the genuine interest in a RolleiClub edition. Consider a pricing anywhere between Euro or US$ 2000.= and 3500.= for this most rare of all Rollei 35 Classics. And think what an investment, as this sensational user or must have collectors camera will be, you can buy in this digital era. The very last of a legend !! Do you think you want one and are ready to buy one for that money ? Let us know and we will tell Franke Heidecke how desperate you are to put YOUR hands on this gem.

Vote NOW below and if you like;
After the vote you can register as being seriously interested to own one of those gems. Just enter some details in the secure messagebox and we take care of the rest.
Privacy: Your details are as save as the Gold in Fort Knox ! We will only use your email address in direct contact with you to update you on the progress of this unique occasion, your email address will never be forwarded or sold, full stop !!


This vote is only a tool to give Franke Heidecke an indication about the possible interest in this new designed Rollei 35 Classic. RolleiClub nor Franke Heidecke can guarantee you that you are eligble to purchase this camera if it eventually becomes a reality. You should only participate in this vote if you agree to and have a full understanding of this explanation. Thank you !