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Rollei Studio Flash Systems

From 1969 to 1981, Rollei made professional Studio Flash Systems:
the E 250, E 1250 and E 5000 series. Rollei supplied a wide array of accessories, including spot and wide reflectors, soft boxes, a professional flash tripod and support system on wheels.

For me it was my first studio flash sytem to use , in the 1970's at the Dutch School for photography in Apeldoorn. Rollei sponsored the school with various camera and studio systems.

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Rollei E250 Generator
# 380380 made in Germany, 1070-1981

All-in-one unit with 250 Ws flash power & integrated 250W halogen focusing light. Photo eye for cordless synchronization with all flashes in system.  Optional receiver for radio transmitter. Flash interval between 1.5 and 5 sec. Will run on 110-240V. 6,800 units were made.

Rollei E1250 Generator
# 380200 made in Germany, 1972-1981

Mid range unit with 1250 Ws flash power needs separate lamp units. Flash interval between 1 and 2 sec. Prepared for cordless synchronization. Will run on 110-240V. 1,600 units were made. This unit was more popular than the E5000, which was discontinued in 1974.

Rollei E5000 Generator
# 380100 made in Germany,1969-1974

High level unit with 4x1250 Ws flash power in separate units which need separate lamp units. Comes with integrated fan system and antenna for remote operation. Flash interval 0.6 and 1 sec. Will run on either 200V or 380V. 78 units were made.

Rollei SE 27, Radio Transmitter
# 380400

This transmitter is connected to the camera and synchronizes all Rollei Studio flashes remotely (E250 needs separate receiver unit).

Lamp head for E 1250 and E 5000
# 380300
needs flash lamp

Standard Light Reflector I for all models
# 380310

Soft Reflector II for all models
# 380320

Sunlight System Head
# 380340
Accepts 2 flash bulbs (5000 Ws total) and 4 focusing light lamps (200V total). Needs 1x E 5000 or 4x E 1250 to operate.

Variable Lens Head
# 390330
For use with E1250 or E5000 only. Glass lens interchangeable and adjustable for 20 to 60 degree light angle.

High Light Reflector Head for all models
# 380315
11cm diameter, wit optional insert #380316

Soft Light Reflector for all models
# 380225
Soft light or super soft light with frontal screen attached.

 Flood Light Reflector
# 380350
90x90 cm size, accepts up to 4x E250 or 4x E1250/E5000 lamp heads. Indirect light, especially for still life. Metal construction.

Some examples of the telescopic tripod system.