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The Rolleiflex SL66

The incredible Rolleiflex SL66

In 1966, Rollei presented two very important new cameras at the International Photokina in Cologne, Germany. The Rollei 35, Rollei's first view-finder 35mm camera. The Rolleiflex SL66, the first Rollei medium format SLR , became a head on rival for the Hasselblad series. What moved Rollei to agree with Victor Hasselbald NOT to produce a 6x6 SLR since the inspiration was building up for years. Because the Rolleiflex SL66 was from a technological point of view immediately vastly superior to the Hasselblad.

What was Reinold Heidecke discussing with
Victor Hasselblad somewhere in the late 1950's ?
Read it in the Website

Exclusive photo: courtesy Franke Heidecke Fein Mechanische Werke

The revolutionary Rolleiflex SL 66 was introduced back in 1966. Today the Rolleiflex SL66 still is unsurpassed in its quality and unique features.
Still immensly loved and trusted by a large number of dedicated
photographers around the globe, so ......

...we built a dedicated website to celebrate the SL66!

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you need now!

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The information in this dedicated Rolleiflex SL66 website is the most comprehensive SL 66 database on the web. Every Rolleiflex Sl66 model can be found with detailed information and images.

The data and images in the SL66 website where compiled by the former webmaster of : dr.Mark Meijer, it is thanks to his enourmous dedication that we still can enjoy everything known about the complete Rolleiflex SL66 range. Read more about dr. Mark Meijer in the about pages of this website. All I ( Jaap Roskam - the new webmaster ) did was placing the pages as built by mark Meijer in a new design. His design dated from around 1998 and the new design is now in line with the latest internet technology. But from this place I would send a humble thanks to Mark Meijer. Compared to what he compiled in SL66 data is my re-design a minor job.

The Original Rolleiflex SL66 , the Rolleiflex SL66E , the Rolleiflex SL66X, the Rolleiflex SL66SE and the unique Rolleiflex SL66SE-Exclusive. All those brilliant cameras are described in details. Complete with data and images of all the original Rolleiflex Sl66 lenses and accessoiries.

Visit this complete , surprising and very accessible Rolleiflex SL66 website: