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sheet film questions?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:13 pm
by raul
hi folks well a have three rolleiflexes cameras and i would like to take pictures on sheets

sl-66 ,,,, 2.8c and rolleiflex T 135/4mm sonnar

but a have a lot of doubts

if any one have experiences ,

1, what is the real exactly size of the sheet film for the tlr film holder (in mm) my film is fomapan 100 6.4x8.9mm
2, i know there are two differents adapter back (one for the sl-66 and another for TLR) but are the holders the same for two both cameras?
3 on the adapter kitd include a grounw glass back , its necessary for sheet film focusion or for glass plate emulsions wet plate and dry platess etc ?

thank a lot and best regards