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Hello all, I'm new here

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Hello all, I'm new here

Postby gregvds » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:44 pm

Hello everybody,

my name is Gregoire VDS. I live in Belgium, Bruxelles.

A recent reflexion lead me to the fact that I had the most fun and took the best pictures I ever did, with my rolleiflexes TLR.

I'm not new in the world of Rolleiflex TLR: I had my first MX-V (or MV-X?) in 1997, and my first 3.5F in 1998. I used them with an incomparable joy until around 2004, where I sold the last one, I don't remember why.

And now, I missed that wonderful camera, and went for a small hunt here in Bruxelles. I found a very nice 3.5F type 3, and a superb 2.8F type 1/2. Both are perfectly working.

I replaced the meter window on the 2.8F which was broken with a brand new one. Now the speed knob is really hard on the 2.8F, due to a front plate a little bit bent. I dismantled the front face, and lenses and synchro-compur are sound and perfectly working. I found a front plate for 2.8F on internet, and will replace it soon. The 3.5F has still an ugly rolleikin knob, that will soon be replaced by an original taking spool knob.

I'm so happy to have these cameras again. This is such a pleasure to make medium format photography with these. I find myself back in time almost ten years ago with this camera in hand, and am shaking a little bit telling you this.

And the 2.8F lens reflections, glare and hues of the coating are fascinating, I can look at it, doing nothing, being simply gorgeously happy.

I dream of a factory-new planar 2.8F white face, but have not the budget, nor know where to find that.

Maybe some of you will be able to help me: I was for a long time a member of the RUG, then cut off the stream. But now, is the Rollei User Group totally dead, as the Leica User Group is too?

And a last batch of question: can I usually trust sellers of Rolleiflex on eBay, or should I search somewhere else for very nice cameras? Especially eBay sellers from China and Hong Kong, are these trusty? I saw things sold mint- or 'as new perfectly working', which were scratched, heavily used and some levers showed traces of dismantling...

So, hello to everybody here, Nice to chat with you all about Rolleiflex TLR and what we can achive with them :-)

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Postby Toffle » Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:14 pm

Ah, yes... I've gotten myself lost more than once looking at the light reflected off the lenses of my 3.5f. This camera is such a thing of beauty. When I'm not using it, I just want to look at it. (sigh)

As for ebay sales. Look for sellers with top ratings, and try to choose a seller who will offer returns. I bought my Rollei from a fellow Canadian, and though it was not mint, it was in fairly good shape. If you can, try before you buy. This is not always easy, but I've heard of a few pretty messed up cameras out there.

If you want a little better assurance of what you are buying, there is always or Unfortunately, this assurance usually comes with a price. I have bought several items from both these dealers in the past, and I can vouch for both their business integrity and their high prices. :roll:

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Postby gregvds » Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:26 pm

Thanks for the websites.

I looked at them, but they don't have minty 2.8F at the mo.

Wait and see I suppose.

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ebay trust

Postby rolleiclubleader » Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:45 pm

Hi, as the 'leader of the club ' , I sometimes receive direct warnings or questions about ebay sellers. A very good one is one in South Africa Mr. Jean Beek , he is very precise and responsive. Bought some items over the years and had no issues but happiness . A word of warning is to be placed about one particular seller in Hong Kong , received several complaints they trade as 'Arsenal' but have also a great feedback so it may have been isolated problems. My way of buying on ebay is simple , ask not only questions you WANT to know but also a few you know the answer off. The accuracy of those answers tells a lot. And off course not only look at the feedback count but also the type of items sold. Once nearly bought a Leica from a seller with 100% feedback out of 37.... al very recent and all items like toys etc for about 2-3 $ and to only 3 different buyers... ? all to him self? as investment in the big catch ? With a lot of common sense , listening to your feelings and .... luck , ebay is a great place to trade !
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