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SL66 and Planar 2,8/80mm HFT lens.

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SL66 and Planar 2,8/80mm HFT lens.

Postby ljuslek » Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:42 pm

After five months of enjoying this camera and lens combo far too seldom to justify it's price tag I've decided to sell it. The camera is in pretty average user condition (rated "C" for normal condition when purchased in Sweden) with the primary fault being a partially dirtied matte screen, besides that there is some loose leatherette and a few small scratches/dents in the magazine.

Functionally, the camera is in excellent condition. I've had the shutter speeds tested together with a servicing of the magazine and the results from that test showed that the shutter speeds were very accurate.

The lens is near immaculate, there is a very small fleck of dust inside but that has not affected the results of the five or so rolls I've run through the camera so far. The lens is also fitted with a BAY VI UV-filter that has been in place ever since I bought it.

I've taken some pictures of the camera, trying to illustrate what I've identified as it's main cosmetic faults, if you want more pictures to help you decide whether you're interested or not, don't hesitate to request them:

As to pricing, I've little idea what to sell this camera for. I have been hoping however for a final price tag to land at around 600 USD or 400 EUR.

The camera (and I) are in Stockholm, Sweden, so that is where it will be sent from in case you happen to buy this unpolished diamond of an SL66. Any and all questions regarding the camera are more than welcome, please send them to:

[email protected]

Kind regards,

Morgan A. Malaska
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