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Which should I buy

My favourite tool of the trade was the Rolleiflex 6008. The Rolleiflex SLX , 6006 , 6008 and 6002 , including the 6008 AF , all those still very modern Rolleiflexes have their own home in the forum.

Which should I buy

Postby Esprit S4 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:50 am

I just posed a question about the differences in, say, my Rolleicord V and a Rolleiflex 3.5 and the consensus is the 'flex is more robust. Ever examined them side by side? I have. Ever taken them apart. I've got my 'cord apart right now. They're about 98% identical. Compur shutter on both. Mine has the Schneider lens (I like much better than Zeiss). Exact same housing. Don't understand. Anyway, that said, I'm thinking about getting another medeium format. I want something non-japanese and simple (I can hold a lightmeter - it doesn't need to be built in, etc...). Why should I buy the Rollei (SLX, 6003, 6008, etc...) over a 'blad 500 CM, 503,etc...? They both use the Zeiss lenses (which I'm not too fond of), but the 'blad is sortta the standard. Still, I feel the Rollei may be a more robust camera (if they're built anything like their TLRs).
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