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New to Rollei and new to the forum

My favourite tool of the trade was the Rolleiflex 6008. The Rolleiflex SLX , 6006 , 6008 and 6002 , including the 6008 AF , all those still very modern Rolleiflexes have their own home in the forum.

New to Rollei and new to the forum

Postby wosis123 » Tue May 24, 2016 8:16 pm

I decided to "upgrade" from Canon FD to MF and decided to buy a Rolleiflex 6008 integral and enter the Rolleiclub.
It just arrived with 2 lenses (80 + 150), great!
Perhaps I will have some questions and hope to get some infos here.
I will post som pics of the gear later.

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