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Rollei 35S - doesn't release the shutter

Ask for and/or share repair advice. Maybe you miss a small part , ask for it here and someone may turn up with that rare missing shuttertriggerknobeyewasherscrew.... or so :-)
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Rollei 35S - doesn't release the shutter

Postby Wujaszek » Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:52 am

I would like to ask you for help. My ROLLEI 35S doesn’t release the shutter. When I press the button it looks like it was locked. It cannot be hit. The camera was working well so far. Last photo was taken with the cable release. The lens was closed properly. Is it possible that I will be able to remove the failure by myself? Can I safely open (remove) the top of camera? What is possible reason of the damage?
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