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to the International RolleiClub

Resurrected in since October 2006 and now ( sept 2014 ) on the move to a new design. Projected to be active before Photokina 2014.

The International Rollei Club is since the early years of the internet the World's leading information resource for Historic and current Rollei and Rolleiflex cameras and related photograpic equipment. In September 2005 the site disappeared due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding the original Dutch/American webmaster of this website. In October 2006 the Dutch/Australian Photographer and web-designer Jaap Roskam was able to re-register the famous domain name and since then he has been working hard to resurrect the website.

In the design-process he is adding numerous additional features. Such as a Classifieds Market to sell and search for Rollei equipment, a Forum has been activated there you can discuss all Rollei35, SL66 and other Rollei and Rolleiflex cameras . There is an interesting page with photo-posters from famous photographers, such as Ansel Adams. On the camera pages you will find interesting articles such as the HFT article describing more about HFT coating, or what about a comprehensive serial number comparison of all TLR cameras.

The Rollei Twin Lens Reflex Camera ( TLR ) pages became active on the first of December 2006.

The Rollei 35 series is active since March the 15th 2007 and in that process I activated the Rollei Flash pages as well since they are in part needed for the Rollei 35 pages.

The Rolleiflex SL66 deserved it's own website, therefore we created , read more here. The site is active since march 25 2007 and is whithout any reservations the biggest, the most comprehensive and if I may say so the most beautiful website ever dedicated to the Rolleiflex SL-66 series.
Visit it now and be surprised !

The visitor will be able to view the coming features of the website by studying the links on the TLR pages, most of those links are not active yet but gradually more and more pages will be added.

If you want to keep up to date with major additions please visit the forum and join as a forum member. We will keep you informed then.

A site like this can not exist without support, soon we will add a special support page where we will inform you how you or your company can support the RolleiClub on-line.

Visitor numbers: In the first 4 weeks since resurrection we had over 4500 unique visitors and close to 120.000 hits, in November 2006 that number more than tripled.... Advertisers please take notice: Early 2008 we already had well over 600 unique visitors a day (or 18000 per month ) and over 600.000 hits per month !

Enjoy your visit !

Jaap Roskam - Australia

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