Rolleiflex 6000 series Remote connector Pin layout

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About the Pin Layout on the Rolleiflex 6000 series as described by the late  Claus Prochnow – ‘Rollei Report 5’ (SLX/6000)

The pins are: (not that I know what the abreviations mean but someone may…..?)
1 – MCA – in/out
2 – ATA – in/out
3 – FB – out
4 – +G – out
5 – EZA – in
6 – SVA – in
7 – HOK – in/out
8 – MOA – in/out
9 – GND 13- +B – out
14- MTK – in/out
10- AUK – in/out
11- (no mention)
12- (no mention)

From the German text:
“Fernbedienungsbuchse von Rolleiflex 6008 integral, 6008E, 6008, 6006, 6002 und SLX”.
Pin 14 mit Pin 9 verbunden MEMO-Funktion.
Pin 10 mit Pin 9 verbunden Kamera löst aus.
Pin 6 mit Pin 9 verbunden Spiegelvorauslösung.
Pin 13 10 V kann als Versorgung für externe Elektronik verwendet werden.

Verwendet wird der RolleiStecker Nr. 61922.69.0.02 Beschaltung kann erfolgen durch Taster, Relais, Lichtschranke oder Open-Collect npn-Transistor (z.B. BC 547 oder ähnlich).
Um eine Beschädigung der Kamera durch unsachgemäße Beschaltung auszuschließen, sollte von einer Benutzung der verbleibenden Kontakte abgesehen werden!”

Which when put through my translation software (Systran) comes out with:
“Remote maintenance socket of Rolleiflex 6008 integral, 6008 E, 6008, 6006, 6002 and SLX”:
Pin 14 connected with pin 9 MEMO function.
Pin 10 connected with pin 9 fires shutter.
Pin 6 connected with pin 9 mirror pre-release.
Pin 13 – 10 V can be used as supply for external electronics.

The Rollei Plug NR 61922.69.0.02 is used. Wiring can take place via tracers, relays, light barrier or open Collect NPN transistor (e.g. BC 547 or similar).
In order to exclude a damage of the camera by inappropriate wiring, should be refrained from a use of the remaining contacts!”

This is basically the same as David’s version but elaborates on the use of the transistor to act as a barrier switch to protect the camera circuitry from the external electronics. I have found a manufacturer of plugs and sockets that match the Rollei type for both the 6000 series socket and also the type used on the Xact 6000 lens adapter and ‘Lens Control S’. In the US and in Germany .

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Does any know what the other pin numbers do?
As I read it:
pin 9 is ground,
pins 10 & 9 fire the shutter,
pins 14 & > 9 are the mirror lock-up (MLU),
and pins 13 & 9 provide + 10v power, probably for the Master Control on a 6008i or similar device on other models.
The other pins are unspecified in this diagram.
I read it as :
Pin 9 Ground.
Pins 10 & 9 fire the shutter.
Pins 6 & 9 mirror lockup.
Pins 14 & 9 refer to the note*
Pins 13 & 9 provide 10V DC for external accessories, e.g. MCU *note. This is an Open Collector output (transistor is a BC547).

That’s as much as I can work out – my none existent German skills don’t help with this, however if I shove the text :
– die pins konnen durch taster, relais oder lichtschranken angesteuert werden It Rollei audn npn Open-Collector Transistor moglich (BC 547) through a machine translator, it appears to show that this is synchronised with the shutter and is possibly for the flash sync.

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