Rollei 35 mm

Rollei 35 Camera in the ambitious Rolleiclub Design

Rollei 35 Camera in the ambitious Rolleiclub Design

Let’s not just focus on the 120 or 6×6 format: Rollei made headlines in 1966 as-well with its first 35 mm camera the Rollei 35 , still in production as a valued collectors camera in a wide range of precious metals.

Besides of that Rollei made the still sought after Rolleiflex SL35 series and a series of extremely innovative 35mm SLR cameras, the  Rolleiflex 2000 and 3000 series. To complete the picture the company built a range of slide projectors from  basic to  highly advanced digital controlled designs in both 35mm and 6×6.

Less known is Rollei’s brief but serious activity in Rollei-Studio Lighting systems and tripods. The brand name Rollei nowadays is used for the marketing of many consumer digital cameras, tripods, camera bags etc. with the last addition of the Rollei 50S ActionCam the company is till going strong.

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