The International Rolleiclub , the number one source for all Rollei and Rolleiflex camera data since 1999

The International Rolleiclub is since 1999 dedicated to preserve the History of Rollei and brings Rollei , Rolleiflex and Rolleicord users, collectors and friends together.

Rolleiclub offers several useful FREE services to all Rollei friends: Users & Collectors  – Amateurs & Professionals alike. You may have inherited an ‘old funny’ camera branded ‘Rolleiflex’ or have worked with a Top Quality Rolleiflex outfit all your Professional Photographers life.

Regardless where you came from to visit this site be sure you’ll find something about  Rollei , Rolleiflex , Rolleicord of your liking:

Rollei Camera Details Rollei Service AdressesRollei TLR Serial NumbersRollei Forum – Rollei at eBayRollei Links –  etc.

Rolleiclub User Forum


The Rolleiclub Forum has been the number one meeting place for Rollei,  Rolleiflex, Rolleicord users , collectors and friends since 2006.

Traditionally the Forum has been a ‘hangout’ for Philosophers , Artists, Intellectuals , Soldiers, Merchants and Photographers since the early days of civilisation.
The word Agora (pronounced ‘Ah-go-RAH’) is Greek for ‘open place of assembly’ and, early in the history of Greece, designated the area in the city where free-born citizens could gather to hear civic announcements, muster for military campaigns or discuss politics. Later the Agora defined the open-air, often tented, marketplace of a city (as it still does in Greek) where merchants had their shops and where craftsmen made and sold their wares. In Rome the Agora would serve in much the same way as it did in Greek city-states such as Athens but was known as The Forum (literally `the place outdoors’). As in Greece, the women frequented the out-door market to shop while the men would meet there to discuss politics or events of the day.

Your Meeting Place !

The Rolleiclub user Forum is your great meeting place ‘Not essentially Out-doors but definitely travels to you via Outer-space’ .

  • To discuss your Rollei gear
  • Ask about that new Rollei you just got
  • Tell about your experiences with your Rolleiflex.
  • etcetera , etc.

‘Share to preserve knowledge’

Rolleiclub Forum > >

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Rollei Books


The popularity of Rollei since 1920 is phenomenal, this resulted in an astonishing number of books written:

  • about a specific Rolleiflex Camera.
  • how to use a whole series of Rolleiflex TLR cameras.
  • an inspiring Rollei Photo book.
  • extended user manuals for Rolleicord.
  • or Rolleiflex SLR or a technical overview of most Rollei35 cameras .
  • etc.
You name it and it may be found. We do the hard search work , you just browse:    

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Rollei History


The turbulent Rollei History

Some of the products of the human mind have become legends. And not just in fields such as literature, painting or music. Photography has its legends too. One of these is undoubtedly the twin-lens Rolleiflex 6×6.

First introduced by Rollei in 1929 and the principle behind it was a real stroke of genius. Within a short time it had brought the Rollei name worldwide recognition. Nearly every top 6×6 photographer that time was using a Rolleiflex 6×6. The Rolleiflex was to have a decisive influence on the history of photography during the following decades.

Rolleiclub compiled a concise overview of the Rollei History , from 1920 to today.

It is a Corporate history as intriguing as it gets.
About an Iconic International  Brand that was started in 1920 by two passionate men:

Reinhold Heidecke and Paul Franke – The perfect combination of a Mechanical Engineer and Inventor and a Salesman and Financial genius resulted in an near endless flow of inventions and market leading photographic tools under the name ‘Rollei’

Rollei Company & History  > >

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Rollei Library Index


The Rollei Range of Photographic Products was in the 1980’s possibly the largest product range of any Camera manufacturer in the World.

With a continuous production of High Quality Photographic tools since 1921 the Rollei Library is a huge one. At the time of re-building this web site, in 2014, I opened the Library with the section of the TLR Cameras. These after gave Rollei it’s ‘face’.

Since the new (2014) web site is built in a database structure it is much easier to add new sections as in the old 2006 design(sadly enough never completed).

My aim is to add at least two sections per month … bear with me please 😉

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Rollei Serial Numbers


Possibly the most ‘Googled’ Rollei search are serial numbers for the TLR Cameras

Serial numbers are the most common method to date a Camera

Several researchers turned the old Rollei / Franke & Heidecke archives upside down to digg out the serial numbers of every Rollei model since the very first Rolleiflex in 1928.

Rolleiclub is proud to share and preserve the fruits of their labor with you and present you with a comprehensive list with serial numbers of all those great Rollei Cameras

Rollei Serial Numbers > >

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Rollei Service


Find a Rollei- Rolleiflex- and/or Rolleicord- Repairer world-wide.

For all repairers it is FREE to  have a basic listing !
( Advertised listings are Available )

This is a project in progress and urgently needs YOUR input. Tell Rolleiclub about the repairer you know / or you are !
Please use the ‘repairer – submit- form’ to submit details, after verification the new repairer will be added to the list.

Find a Rollei Service > >


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Rolleiclub Downloads


Camera Leaflets do no longer exist.

Camera Brochures come in PDF format , Books have become eBooks; such is the state of document distribution today in the 21st Century.
In the previous Century though , all communication , advertising and books was done in print on paper.

Rolleiclub brings you a selection of scanned and digitised ‘old’ Rollei and Rolleflex brochures, leaflets, user-manuasl and out of print books to Download.

Rollei Downloads  > >

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Rolleiclub Library


Rolleiclub builds & maintains the online Photo & Technical Data Library of all Rollei products.

In it you find the First Franke & Heidecke products : the Heidoscope and Rolleidoscope stereo cameras. The earliest Rolleiflex TLR models , The Rolleicords etc. But also the famous Rollei-35 series and Rolleiflex SL35 . But also the advanced Rolleiflex 6008 AF and Hy6 Mod2 to name a few.

You will discover that Rollei did not only make Cameras but also slide projectors , tripods and studio lighting systems.

 Please note that this is a work in progress, advancing a few items every day !

Rollei Gear Library > >

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Rolleiflex Photographers


Many famous photographers created their famed photos with a Rolleiflex.

This section brings together past and current Rolleiflex Photographers, famous professional photographers and for instance well known movie or musical artists using and preferably posing with a Rolleiflex.

Do know a photographer who deserves to be included in this list ?
In the Photographers page we have a special section where you can suggest ‘your’ photographer. From there we extract the details.

Rollei Photographers  > >

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Valentina the eBay Assistant

rollei-valentinaRolleiclub created over 50 targeted Time Saving  ‘Rollei’ Searches on eBay.

The highly refined searches deliver you every thinkable camera / lens or accessory by just a single click. We invite you to use this FREE SERVICE It works two <> ways : <> You save time to find the best results in your hunt for that very special Rollei or Rolleiflex you have been looking for so long. <> Every time you actually buy an item on eBay using our link Rolleiclub receives a few pennies towards  maintenance of this web site.

Ask Valentina > >

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