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Rolleicord Parts Needed

Ask for and/or share repair advice. Maybe you miss a small part , ask for it here and someone may turn up with that rare missing shuttertriggerknobeyewasherscrew.... or so :-)
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Rolleicord Parts Needed

Postby mohgotthelf » Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:53 am

Hello, I am working on repair two Rolleicords and both need a few parts.

Parts for Rolleicord IIc
Magnifying glass for in lens hood
The (for lack of a better description) knob that goes on the end of the shutter lever

Parts for Rolleicord IIa
Aperture lever

For the Aperture lever, the lever has broken off where it comes out of the body. I would prefer to buy just the lever but realize that I may need to purchase the whole front plate for this piece.

If anyone has any of these pieces or a lead on where I could get them please let me know and we can discuss pricing.

Thank you
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