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Rollei with cracked lense

Ask for and/or share repair advice. Maybe you miss a small part , ask for it here and someone may turn up with that rare missing shuttertriggerknobeyewasherscrew.... or so :-)
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Rollei with cracked lense

Postby digger65 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:04 am ... 066a2f.jpg

hi, firstly hello and sorry.... but i cannot seem to upload an image so link is at top of post, keep getting "It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image mssg for some unknown"
not an auspicious start

I bought a used Rollei and it arrived with a cracked lense and the broken shard loose inside the camera, such a crying shame to see such a fine camera in that state
I am covered by 14 day refund period so that's all good and am returning it tomorrow
..but i wanted to quickly ask the forum whether the crack would significantly impact on image quality or usability bearing in mind where it is on the lense?
just i am thinking of perhaps asking for a partial refund and shooting with it,it may be he would be happy to let it go for a reduced price rather than go through the bother of the refund etc?
i am ruling out having it repaired at this stage, but if i managed to get him down enough on price and the camera was still usable it could be a way to go?
many thanks for your interest
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