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A couple of parts required

Ask for and/or share repair advice. Maybe you miss a small part , ask for it here and someone may turn up with that rare missing shuttertriggerknobeyewasherscrew.... or so :-)
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A couple of parts required

Postby Roladex » Wed Apr 20, 2016 7:21 pm

I have a Rolleiflex Standard 3,5 (Original Standard Rolleiflex Model 622/Old
Standard Rolleiflex (type 3) - serial No 510684) and it is pretty much
complete and seems to be in working order. However, there are one or two parts missing.
These are: three of the four small brass screws that secure the viewfinder
cover to the body are missing. Also, when the hood is released, all four
elements spring into place as they should apart from the left hand panel as
the v-spring there appears to be broken.

I have tried to look through list of available parts on sites dealing in Rollei spares, but it is
difficult to see which parts would be appropriate to use to replace these
missing items. Is anyone able to advise which parts might be suitable or point me in the direction of a supplier who might be able to help, please?

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