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Anyone have a use for 6x6 slides/magazin?

When I was about 14 years of age my dad bought a new slide projector, that is some 40 odd years ago, it was a Rollei made by Franke and Heidecke, the projector is still functional and still in the family! F & H is about the last company today that stll makes high quality projectors. As requested by one forum member , this forum is more than appropriate !

Anyone have a use for 6x6 slides/magazin?

Postby A. Muse » Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:04 am

I have inherited 2 Rollei Magazin 77 slide magazines each with 24 slides and 2 boxes of 12no 7cm X 7cm 'Titania' slides.

I have no use for them, is there anyone on here that could use them?

I am willing to post them for the cost of postage and a small packing allowance (but they are quite heavy).

They are quite grubby but might clean up. Are the slides very thin glass?

As a curiosity the 2 boxes of slides were bought from 'Harrods' in London and have a price sticker of 10/9 i.e ten shillings and nine pence (54p in today's money!)
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Re: Anyone have a use for 6x6 slides/magazin?

Postby rolleiclubleader » Sat Nov 09, 2013 6:25 pm

Make fridge magnets out of it , with a nice square image and advertise here ;-)
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