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praise digital ..

With digital taking over faster as anyone could have predicted our good old film seems to vanish even faster. With manufacturers scaring out of the film arena, dropping whole ranges of film products due to falling demand. <br>But there are still huge numbers of film - photographers. Not in the last place for reasons of quality, known ways of archiving , creativity and perhaps the most important reason : " With film one creates a unique light impression that can not be just deleted it is a permanent recording of what the photographer sees AND thinks ". <br><br> Discuss here whatever you like about film: Brands, types, formats, chemicals, storage etc. etc. Feel free to promote your favorite brand with address and all !!

praise digital ..

Postby bohemian » Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:34 pm

honestly and from the bottom of my heart ... praise digital age that has brought me to film ....

It took me about 18months to completely wean myself ... after all these years .. loving B&W .. creating actions based on film .. and learning all I could about light ....

mind it was only in the last 3weeks that I have completely dumped digital for my secondhand rollei sl66

and my journey was not the smoothest I must say .. (neither the most cheap one)

I have bought Nikon f100 love it BUT
I have bought Hasselblad 500CM ... loooved it (even thought my dream came true) BUT!!!

while on a search for prism for that hassy pal I spotted this utterly and amazingly beautiful camera called rolleiflex sl66 .. no idea no knowledge .. I have pushed the ebay seller to put on buy it now for me and he did .. I am not looking back not for prices (perhaps I paid more than .. well whatever could ever pay ever for rollei experience) ;)

so here I am .. reading about manufacturers dropping and discontinuing this or that film ... or developer or oooh you all know anyway ..

so I praise digital to have taken me here .. to have nurtured my passion for photography ...

just him here .... rollei sl66 Ilford Pan f iso 50 .. silver gelatin print

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