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Stolen missing Rolleiflex?? it´s possible?

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Stolen missing Rolleiflex?? it´s possible?

Postby babyroll » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:59 am

Thanks for adding me in this group. How to start my story? Well, I´m pretty new in the world of analog photography and collecting cameras.
After moving out some old stuff from house one old guy in one small town near Vienna we found one Rolleiflex Baby Gray 4x4 in really good condition but shutter were sticky and sholud be CLAd. I took the camera and paid about 80€ for CLA.After that I was looking some videos how to use one this wonderfull camera and I ve started to use my Rolleiflex baby. Everything was ok until one day wenn I decided to sell my baby Rolleiflex and buy me one new 2.8 6x6... I was looking on ebay and second camera shop (all 2.8 were to expensive for me) till one day wenn i saw one display, the guy selling rolleiflex 2.8 Schneider Kreuznach for 200€. It was just in description nothing more... I was really suprised, I called the man. Wenn I saw the men I ve started talking with him he told me he is one professional seller but he works just privat over 30 years. He showed me the Rolleiflex i was littlebit dissapointed about condition of camera (its look like storage somewhere for many many years and very worn) but the lightmeter were working, the shutter sticky and all camera generally worn... But possible to repair! Finally I ve bought the camera! I didnt asked him for his name or Seriallnumber becouse I had no idea about this things.... Wenn I came in my house I started to looking for some cheap repairman... After few days called me the same guy which sold me first Rolleiflex and told me I have got some other Rolleiflex in same condition like first do you want to see it. You maybe need some parts for your camera. I met the guy again and he shows me other 6 Rolleiflex 2.8 6x6 cameras... All in same condition like first worn and looks unused for many but for really many years... I was a littlebit suspicious what is now wrong??? Its this happening to me?? He offered me one good price for all Rolleiflex... I was wondering but he was very frendly and cool, even he say look here is my ID and here are the seriallnumber of the camera. We can make contract i you are scary and if you mean Im layer or cheater. I decided to buy! Good idea or not honestly Im not sure.
Wenn i came to my house I ve started to looking about this man and I found some Informations... He is really professional dealer of vintage cameras and lot of people talking just positive about him actually nobody says something wrong about him. I was again suspicios it to gooood to be true!
I ve started to looking something with my seriallnumbers about STolen Rolleiflex or missing Rolleiflex but i couldnt find anything.
My question were does anybody here knows something about stolen or missing Rolleifex 2.8 cameras???? Or anybody has any ideas what could be possible in this all story??? Or I had just one lucky day??? Any answers?

Best regards and thank you for help
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