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Rollei 6003 Pro Repair Manual

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:29 am
by matteoprez
Hi everyone,

I hope you'd be able to help me.
I recently bought a Rolleiflex model 6003 Pro (I already have an Automat and a 3.5F Planar). The camera was practically new and worked fantastically.
However, a few weeks ago the mirror locked itself up and since then it has failed to go down.
It got stuck in an 'horizontal' position,' i.e. parallel to that of the viewfinder; it never went back to its original 45 degrees position.
I removed the lens, the hood and opened to back to have a clear look, but I was unable to bring down the mirror down.

The exposure LED are all lit up, the camera is not taking any reading; however, f-stops & shutter speed are properly showned and change each time I make a change.
Batteries & fuses are in perfect order. Everything else in the camera seems to be doing fine.

Hence, I am in need of a repair manual for this model, as the technician who saw the camera needs to identify the damaged parts in order to order them.

I really, really need the repair manual! Any idea where, whom could I contact to get it? Or if anyone already has it, I would be forever in doubt.