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600x and SCA...

My favourite tool of the trade was the Rolleiflex 6008. The Rolleiflex SLX , 6006 , 6008 and 6002 , including the 6008 AF , all those still very modern Rolleiflexes have their own home in the forum.

600x and SCA...

Postby aypeyret » Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:21 pm


I usually use my 6008AF with a Metz 54MZ-4 with SCA 3562 adapter (same configuration as the pictures in the Rollei ads...).
However, I tried yesterday to use my old Agfatronic 643CS with adapter SCA 356 (which I used on my SL2000F but have not tried in some time). The flash did NOT fire, not did it look like anything was communicated between camera and flash.
The flash itself is working fine, I tried it with an old digital camera and its dedicated SCA adapter (it was an Agfa Actioncam with adapter 333/2) and it worked fine. The 6008AF also works fine, and same goes for the Metz flash with 3562.

My questions are therefore the following ones:

- Is the SCA 356 supposed to work on the 6000 series, or should I use exclusively the 3562 adapter (and therefore leave my powerful Agfatronic to my SL2000F and get something else instead) ?

- If the SCA 356 is supposed to work on the 6000 series, has anyone seen defective SCA adapters (that seems to be the only issue, as both flash and camera work fine) ? I guess that happens, but these adapters are so simple that I wonder what can put them out of order.

- If, one again, the answer to the previous question is "yes", does anyone know where to have the adapter repaired, or if it is cheaper to just get a new one?

I would like to try and avoid more tests (I already shot a few pictures with no flash in a dark environment), so I prefer (for the moment) not to test the 356 adapter on the SL2000F (that would mean, in case of missed flash, testing the SL2000F with again another flash to make sure the defect is in the adapter and not in the camera).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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