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Rollei & Flash triggers?

All you like to ask or tell about the famous Rollei 35 : the orginal Rollei 35 made in Germany , the 35 series made in Singapore and the German Classic

Rollei & Flash triggers?

Postby boomachine » Sun Jan 18, 2015 4:52 pm

Hi Rolleiclubbers,

I just purchased my first Rollei 35 yesterday and love it already. What a beautiful design!
If any pros have answers to my questions below, thanks for helping me!

:arrow: 1) My serial number number is 6259937 (Made by Rollei Singapore on the back / Tessar 40mm on the front) which after reading other posts on the forum should mean that it was made in 1976. Would anyone know if that is correct?

:arrow: 2) Has anyone used their Rollei 35 with an external flash using the hot-shoe mount (Canon Speedlites, or studio strobes)? If so, is the battery needed to trigger the flash?

:arrow: 3) The 1/2 second shutter speed seems much faster than it should be - is this normal?

Thank you!
Can't wait to go and shoot with this camera!
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Re: Rollei & Flash triggers?

Postby DPurdy » Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:36 am

I have just tried it with my 35S and it worked. Took the battery out of the camera and and found a shoe that would go into the camera shoe and let me attach a pc cord to it. Fired off my Norman studio strobe just fine. No flames no smoke.
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Re: Rollei & Flash triggers?

Postby m1ks » Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:02 pm

Hotshoe doesn't require a battery connection, it's just a closing circuit which tells the flash to fire, you'll need batteries for your flash or tx that mounts to the hotshoe though.
For the slow shutter speeds you need to press and hold the shutter for the duration, (on my 35 anyway), check the timing doing that and make sure you're not stabbing and releasing the button.
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