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the NEW International RolleiClub and it's history

Resurrected in since October 2006

The International Rollei Club is since the early years of the internet the World's leading information resource for historic and current Rollei cameras and related photographic equipment.

Around 1998 Dr. Mark Meijers a dentist in Beverly Hills - California and life time Rollei 'fanatic' decided to share his immense knowledge about Rollei with people all over the world. He started the Beverly Hills Rolleiclub, later to become the Global Rolleiclub. On that website he informed visitors about all Rollei products, old and new.

Dr. Meijers was born in Europe and already as a young man paid many visits to the Rollei factory in Germany. There he was already active with Rollei. Not rarely he made the long trip from home in one day, just to discuss a specific camera or to pick up a spare part.

On the Global Rolleiclub website Dr. Meijers advertised also new equipment and once eBay took off he started selling there. He bought and sold Rollei equipment, restaurated it and even developed, in close harmony with Franke and Heidecke, a series of spare parts. Most well known was the diamond cut leatherette set for the SL66. On eBay he gathered an astonishing high feedback of over 1100 with 100% positive. When someone sent him an email with a request for information he always answered extensively and very friendly. ( As your current webmaster often experienced... )
Besides his great knowledge of Rollei he was an avid photographer, his most favourite camera was the Rolleiflex SL66 which he took out to make the most wonderful images. In the future we will add some of his work to the up coming gallery.

Then it happened..... In September 2005 the site disappeared due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding Dr. Meijer. His ebay activities came to a full stop in the midst of some transactions. Untill today nobody has come forward with an answer to his faith or his where-abouts. Given the apparently very meticulous nature of Mark only the worst can be feared. If anyone knows about him please let us know. Be aware that we will ask you very specific questions we know about him and only he can answer.

In October 2006 the Dutch/Australian Photographer and web-designer Jaap Roskam was able to re-register the famous domain name and since then he has been working hard to resurrect the website.
He changed the name Global Rollei Club into RolleiClub. He also completely overhauled the design of the site.

In the design-process he is adding numerous new features. Such as a Classifieds Market to sell and search for Rollei equipment, a Forum has been activated there you can discuss all Rollei35, SL66 and other Rollei and Rolleiflex cameras . There is an interesting page with photo-posters from famous photographers, such as Ansel Adams. On the camera pages you will find interesting articles such as the HFT article describing more about HFT coating, or what about a comprehensive serial number comparison of all TLR cameras.

The Rollei Twin Lens Reflex Camera ( TLR ) pages became active on the first of December 2006. On the 20th 2006 of December your webmaster paid a visit to the Franke Heidecke factory and learned some interresting news.

Since early January 2007 the site has been gradually updated , this process will take untill about July 2007 , then the site is expected to be complete. The visitor will be able to view the coming features of the website by studying the links on the various pages, many of those links are not active yet but as said, more and more pages will be added.

If you want to keep up to date with major additions please visit the forum and join as a forum member. We will keep you informed then.

A site like this can not exist without support, soon we will add a special support page where we will inform you how you or your company can support the RolleiClub on-line.

Visitor numbers: In the first 4 weeks since resurrection we had over 4500 unique visitors and close to 120.000 hits, in November that number had already more than tripled....

Enjoy your visit !

Jaap Roskam