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Rollei Links

Our visitors are encouraged to submit Rollei Related links via the forum.

Legal talk:
The links below are provided as a service to our visitors. RolleiClub has no influence nor control over the content of those sites. We endeavour to never to link to sites containing disturbing or even illegal content . However , since a website's content can change within minutes we can not and will not accept any liability if such an abuse occurs. Our visitors are invited to inform us if a initial honest Rollei link changes it's content and contains not Rollei related or even illegal content. RolleiClub will then remove this link at the first maintenance session.

The History of the Rolleiflex
Siu Fai´s well informed pages on the history of the Rolleiflex and the Rolleicord.

Rollei TLR.
A friendly Norwegian site by T. Aase. Lots of information on classic TLR's.

Test of Four Cameras
Chris Perez tested Rolleiflex 3.5E (75 mm Xenotar), Rolleiflex 2.8E (80 mm Planar), Hasselblad 500 C/M (80 mm Planar C T*), Mamiya 7 (80 mm Multi-Coated).

Ferdi Stutterheim's
Rollei pages.
A very active Rollei friend in the Netherlands

Club Rollei User
John Wild's UK user group, John also publishes a Rollei magazine ( the only one of it's kind in the world )

Rollei Club of Italy
Just the design of the site is worth a visit.

Nederlandse Rolleiflex Club
The resurrected Dutch Rolleiflex Club by Paul Jenner.

Dave Wyman's Rollei page
Dave is an author of travel books he works with a Rolleiflex TLR.
John Waller´s unofficial Rollei 35 Pages

Wim van Velzen
Rollei 6008 - The adventures of an enthousiastic Bronica EC user.

Rollei TLR Club
Japanese Rollei TLR site (Japanese, English). Great photography.

Peter Wolff
Very professional website with wallpapers made with Rolleiflex and how to information.

Essay on the Rolleiflex 6000.
A good article by Philip Greenspun, a bit outdated article though.

Review by Doug Hughes: Rolleiflex TLR

Review Rollei 6008 and other MF cameras. and her from the same author a Medium Format Tutorial.
The Luminous Landscape, Michael H. Reichmann's Landscape photography site.

John Lind
John Lind's Rollei Page

Rollei Users Group/ Rollei Gallery
The Rollei User Group " RUG Pool " at Flickr.

David Haardt gives good information about his Rolleiflex SL66

Another nice private site on a Rollei Camera Collection and the repair of a Rolleiflex Automat