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Rollei Nostalgia

Advertising Rollei and Rolleiflex cameras is a never ending challenge

The International RolleiClub presents some of the many Rollei advertisements etc. It is interesting to see how a Rolleflex Austomat was the summum of a modern camera in it's hey-days, that the Rollei35 still would do well in today's digital market and .......
Do you have a nice advertisement or an image of a Rollei related promotional which you would like to share in this section? Contact the webmaster via the forum please: Member = "rolleiclubleader'. Your help to fill the empty links will be highly appreciated!

Rollei Cameras
around 1954

Rolleiflex around 1954

Rolleiflex F3.5

Rolleicord V

Rolleicord Flash

Rollei cameras