Standard Rolleiflex 6×6 @ 1939

001 Original Rolleiflex TLR Camera
Standard Rolleiflex 6x6
New Model K4 640

May 1939 - July 1941
Serials: 805.000 - 927.999
Taking Lens:
Zeiss Tessar 3,5/75
Bayonet I
Finder lens:
Heidoscop Anastigmat 3,1/75mm
Bayonet I
Compur - Rapid, 1 - 1/500 sec., T & B.
Film: 6x6: B II 8 (120) & 35mm with Rolleikin I adapter set.
Film Transportation: winding lever, film counter; red window for spooling to first frame on bottom of back, film pressure plate without color coating. Lever also cocks the shutter. Double exposure prevention.
: 14.0x9.0x9.5cm
Weight: 876 grams.

This model has a hinged back with exposure guide. The camera could be used with Rolleikin I to use 35mm film & with the special glass plate film adapter.


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