Rolleiflex F @ 1958

Rolleiflex 3.5 F Model 1
Model K4E

December 1958 - February 1960, 20,000 pieces
: 2.200.000 - 2.204.999 (above Rolleiflex plate)
3.5F-2.205.000 - 3.5F-2.219.999 (engraved with model designation)
Taking Lens
Planar 3,5/75mm Carl Zeiss Oberkochen
Xenotar 3.5/75mm, Schneider Kreuznach, both Bayonet 2
Finder lens:
Zeiss or Schneider Heidosmat 2,8/75mm, Bayonet 2
Synchro Compur MXV, 1 - 1/500 sec., B, M + X-sync., self timer.
Film: B 2-8 for 12 6x6, and 35mm adapter Rolleikin 2.
Film Transportation: winding lever with auto stop on first exposure, exposure counter for exposures 1-12. Blank film pressure plate.
Can come with or without built in exposure metering.
: 11.2x9.8x14.8cm.
Weight: 1,220 grams.

Can not be used with Rolleimarin.


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