Rollei Magic 2 @ 1962

Rollei Magic II
Model K9

Choice of with automated or manual exposure & faster shutter.
March 1962 - September 1968: 12,600 pieces
: 2.535.000 - 2.547.600, engraved under front panel.
Taking Lens:
Xenar 3,5/75mm, Schneider,
Bayonet 2
Finder lens:
Heidosmat 3,5/75mm (actually same as taking lens), Bayonet 2. Interchangeable focusing screen. No parallax control.
Prontomat S, Automatic exposure range from 1/30 - 1/500 sec., manual B, X-sync. Manual from EPV 8.5 -18.
Film: 120 for 12 exp. 6x6 or 16 exp. 4.5x6
Film Transportation: winding lever with auto stop on first exposure, exposure counter for exposures 1-12.
Automatic exposure program with filter exposure correction settings.
: 8.8x10.6x14.7cm.
Weight: 1,000 grams.


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