Rolleiflex 4.0 FW @ 2005


Rolleiflex 4.0 FW

Camera type Twin-lens reflex camera with TTL metering and TTL auto flash control.

Frame size 6x6 cm.

Film-speed setting on camera from ISO 25/150 to ISO 6400/390.

Exposure metering Center-weighted average metering by two silicon photo diodes. Five-LED display in viewfinder.

Metering range
EV 3 - 18/3.2 - 100000 asb/ 1 - 33000 cd/m at ISO 100121', with 40 mm f/4.0 lens.

40 mm Planar f/4.0 HFT, size III filter bayonet, focusing from infinity to 1 m.

Leaf shutter (1 to 1/500 s and B), X-syn­chronized. Aperture and shutter speed cross-coupled with exposure meter.

Viewfinder system
Heidosmat 80 mm f/2.8 viewfinder lens. Standard folding hood. Parallax compen­sation for focus distance. Interchangeable for 45° or 90° prism finder. Four inter­changeable viewing screens.

Flash synchronization
1/500 s to 1 s and B. Hot accessory shoe with contacts for TTL autoflash control in conjunction with dedicated flash units and dedicated adapter. X sync terminal for plug.

Autoflash control
TTL flash metering via additional silicon photo diode.

Film advance
By shutter-setting crank. Automatic stop at frame 1.

Double-exposure lock with override. Frame counter from 1 to 12, automati­cally resetting when film is changed.

Cable-release socket. 1/4" tripod socket.

Dimensions (mm / h x w x d ) 147 x 109 x 108.

Weight Approx. 1275 g.


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