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Rolleiclub offers a growing library of Downloads.

From scanned leaflets to complete directories with Camera brochures , manuals and other information.

Currently the crown in the Rolleiclub Download Library is taken by the Rolleiflex SL66 Complete Files.

The Downloads are hosted on a fast server .

Rolleiclub endeavours to add new downloads frequently.

The  Rolleiclub Downloads are also available on USB memory drive ( stick).

This adds $15 to the price, it includes international Air-Mail. The USB drives are 8 Gb and are only from a trusted brand. Please check out the options in the Download Store.

Online Purchase : Security above All

For Secure Purchase of the files we use Paypal.

  • For security reasons Rolleiclub will never ask  your payment details, this is left to the specialised secure services of PayPal .
  • Paypal offers you a variety of payment options : Credit Card , Direct Bank Transfer , eCheque etc.
  • After completing your selection to purchase you will be taken to the secure Paypal web site.
  • FOR YOUR SECURITY: Check in the address bar that you are indeed at and that you pay to 
    downloads @ rolleiclub . com

Please take note again : Rolleiclub will NEVER EVER ask for your payment details , if you  ever would receive an email request like that please disregard it. Rolleiclub ONLY uses PayPal to handle your payment during the streamlined checkout process on this web site and the Paypal web site !

Rollei Download FAQ

  • Q: This web site is not secure why not ? A: We handle no private or financial sensitive information nor do we store personal or financial details hence the slower secure connection is not needed.
  • Q: Can I send money direct to Rolleiclub ? A: No thanks , we leave the financial transactions completely separated from our web site management. All payments are controlled by the safety net of Paypal.
  • Q: Why do you only use Paypal ? A: At the moment it is for us the most reliable , most experienced and most commonly known payment gateway.
  • Q: In my country PayPal does not work. A: Please let us know your details via the forum with a private message to ‘rolleiclubleader’.
  • Q: When can I download once paid for ? A: The download link will instantly become  available, you will also receive a detailed confirmation email .
  • Can I share the downloads with others ? Please do not do so , Rolleiclub is a volunteer initiative , all monies coming in are badly needed to cover expenses. Contrary to common rumours we do not make much money at all, so every penny counts.
  • Q: I did pay but could not download !!! A: It never happened so far but if so: Please let us know via the forum with a private message to ‘rolleiclubleader’, allow about 12 – 72 hours  for a response, we are not a business and sometimes have other things to do as Rolleiclub.