Time Line showing the History of Rollei

1920 The precision engineering and optical workshop – Franke und Heidecke is founded in Brunswick by Paul and Reinhold Heidecke
1921 The first product is ready: the Heidosmat stereo camera.
1927 A new stereo camera is presented: the Rolleidoskop.
1928 The Rolleiflex, the first twin-lens reflex camera for roll film is launched.
1930 Opening of the new factory in Brunswick.
1933 Introduction of the Rolleicord, a simplified version of the Rolleiflex.
1945 Half of the factory buildings and machinery lay in ruins after WW II.
1950 Paul Franke dies at age 62. His son Horst is appointed CEO of the company.
1960 Reinhold Heidecke dies at age 79.
1962 The company operates under the new name “Rollei Werke Franke & Heidecke”.
1963 Launch of the Rollei 16, the first Rollei camera not to be designed for roll film.
1964 Dr. Peesel is appointed CEO. He manages to increase sales and shield the company against the growing influence of Japanese imports.
1966 Rolleiflex SL 66 (Rollei’s first single – lens roll film reflex camera). The Rollei 35 is presented at Photokina fair in Cologne. Over the next three decades, around 3 million of these cameras are sold. The Heidecke family sells its company share to the Franke family.
1967 Production of computer flash units begins. Peesel starts to expand: 2 new factories are planned, one in Uelzen (Germany), and a large one in Singapore.
1968 Rollei enters the slide projector market with its P 35. This projector was produced in almost 3 million pieces.
1970 Premiere of the first 35 mm single-lens reflex camera from Rollei – the Rolleiflex SL 35.
1973 The Rollei P 66A, the first automatic 6×6 slide projector, comes onto the market.
1974 World premiere of the Rolleiflex SLX, the first electronic camera system for the medium-format and the predecessor to the present Rolleiflex 6000 system.
1976 The dissolve projector P 3800 is launched, the original version of the Rolleivision twin MSC 300 projectors.
in the 70s Dr. Peesel is followed by CEOs Peter Peperzak, then by  Heinz Wehling.
1980 With its SL 2000F, Rollei launches the first 35mm single – lens reflex camera with interchangeable magazine, double viewfinder system and integrated motor drive.
1981 Rollei faces bankruptcy due to falling revenues and over production in Singapore. The CEO at the time is Hans Heinz Porst, a mayor German photo retailer.
1982 A British company, United Scientific Holding, buys the bankrupt Rollei company and resumes production under a new name “Rollei Fototechnik GmbH”.
1986 Introduction of the Rolleivision 66 AV, a dissolve projector for the 6 x 6 format. In the same year, RolleiMetric is launched, a digital 3D industrial measuring system, which is now market leader.
1987 The twin-lens system celebrates its come back with the Rolleiflex 2.8 GX with TTL exposure and flash metering. Rollei is bought by Schneider Kreuznach.
1988 Introduction of the Rolleiflex 6008 the top medium-format camera on the market.
1991 The entry into digital photography comes with the Rollei Digital Scan Pack. In the same year, Rollei brings out the Prego AF, the first modern Rollei compact.
1992 Rollei is bought by SAMSUNG company of S. Korea.
1993 The new generation of dissolve projectors, Rolleivision twin MSC 300, is introduced.
1994 The digital imaging system is extended with the high-speed Digital ChipPack back.
1995 Launch of the Rolleiflex 6008 integral, a most advanced professional camera for medium format.
1996 Further extension of the digital segment with the DSP-104 digital back.
1998 Rollei presents the bellows camera system X-Act at Photokina. With the Nano-compact cameras, Rollei introduces APS (Advanced Photo System) cameras into its product range. Rollei is bought by the company management.
2000 Rollei celebrates its 80th anniversary.
2001 Spring sees Rollei launch of five new compact cameras, autumn of AFM 35, a new series of dissolve projectors and two new digital cameras.
2002 The year of the launches! Rollei launches 6 new compact cameras, the Rollei 530 flex digital reflex camera, the Rolleiflex 6008 AF (first medium-format camera in 6 x 6 format with auto focus) and a new digital compact camera (Rollei d330 motion). Furthermore, Rollei presents at the Photokina the Rollei 35 RF (rangefinder camera) and the Rolleiflex 4.0 FW (new wide-angle camera).

After 2002 I do not have received reliable historic data , anyone who can provide this is strongly invited to share it in a similar concise description as above please.

We all know about the bankruptcy of F&H , the resurrection of the factory under a new name , the Hy6 cameras etc, But … I would love to have an accurate overview to be added. Please contact me using a PM in the forum to: ‘rolleiclubleader’

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