Chronological Overview of All Rollei TLR

This page shows a chronological over view of everything Rolleiflex TLR made. It is a work in progress ,¬†since I try to acquire more data from the former Rollei Werke ! But the information about the Rolleiflex TLR cameras up to the late 1990’s seems to be fairly complete. After that up to today I still need some additional information.

Unfortunately the original factory archives were not completely accurate: First of-course WWII caused massive ‘discrepancies’ , and later the shifts in ownership with related unrest in the factory may have resulted in less accurate archival recording. But there was an other ‘disturbing the archives‘ factor less known and quite funny now: Paul Franke , inventive and fabulous salesman as he was not rarely manipulated with serial numbers , giving the impression that from a certain camera model tens of thousands were sold already: artificially increasing popularity! A sort of creating fake ‘likes’ on Facebook ūüėČ Third obstacle in the database was¬†that often ¬†‘paper’ specifications of certain models did not represent the real factory models : It could happen that a camera specified with say Carl Zeiss lens was fitted with a Schneider lens , simply because the demand for camera /lens combinations overtook production capacity.

In our¬†download shop¬†one can obtain a copy of a ¬†lovely handmade ‘Archival Book’ ¬†, made by some Franke & Heidecke employees, in the late 1980’s perhaps. Showcasing most of the early Rolei TLR cameras. Titled: “Rollei Innovationen – Rollei Innovations“. Recommended for every Rollei owner and … in a printable quality !

Every Rollei category has its very own page: Please navigate ¬†the ‘Equipment‘ menu in the sidebar.

Technical Data

Besides a chronological overview each equipment page shows the technical data of each model:

  • Production year(s)
  • Serial Numbers ( If known )
  • Lens and Shutter types etc.
  To access the Technical Data please click on the Camera Image. The full description will appear in a overlay on the same page. Close the overlay by clicking anywhere outside it.

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