Rollei History


The turbulent Rollei History

Some of the products of the human mind have become legends. And not just in fields such as literature, painting or music. Photography has its legends too. One of these is undoubtedly the twin-lens Rolleiflex 6×6.

First introduced by Rollei in 1929 and the principle behind it was a real stroke of genius. Within a short time it had brought the Rollei name worldwide recognition. Nearly every top 6×6 photographer that time was using a Rolleiflex 6×6. The Rolleiflex was to have a decisive influence on the history of photography during the following decades.

Rolleiclub compiled a concise overview of the Rollei History , from 1920 to today.

It is a Corporate history as intriguing as it gets.
About an Iconic International  Brand that was started in 1920 by two passionate men:

Reinhold Heidecke and Paul Franke – The perfect combination of a Mechanical Engineer and Inventor and a Salesman and Financial genius resulted in an near endless flow of inventions and market leading photographic tools under the name ‘Rollei’

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